Kőszeg is a town with historic relevance situated at the foothill of the Alps, in the north-western part of Hungary.

The town is at the bank of Stream Gyöngyös and situated at the foot of Hill Kőszeg. Its name was first recorded in 1248. Its name was given by the Castle from the age of the Árpáds, the ruins of which can be still seen today on Hill Óház. Its tower was rebuilt in 1996 as a watch-tower.

The town was founded by Henrik Kőszegi. He and his son, Iván built up the town with a regular street order and they also built the Town Castle in the north-western town quarter. Its most famous historical event was the siege in 1532. That time Miklós Jurisics defended the castle against Suliman I.'s troops.

One of the richest places in monuments in Hungary is the downtown of Kőszeg. (Among others, the most significant religious monument is Temple Szent Jakab (St. Jacob)) Temple Szent Imre was later built in its neighbourhood. The town's Vicarage Jézus Szíve (Jesus' Heart) is from a more modern era constructed in neogothic style. Museums can be visited in the Castle, in Tábornokház (General's House), in Öregtorony (Old Tower) and in the buildings of the pharmacies Arany Egyszarv (Golden Unicorn) and Fekete Szerecseny (Black Saracen)
There are 12.000 inhabitants dwelling at Kőszeg at present.

Roads to Kőszeg lead You to us through fairy, hilly and twisting lands. Besides the historic memories and sights, the small town also attracts visitors for the exceptional cleanliness and the calming and curing effect of the fresh alpine air. Hospitality, readiness to help and informality of people living here are infinite.

Those who long for hiking and would simply like to get aquainted with our town, we organise programmes (either by car, bicycle or horse-cart). Hill Kőszeg reserves plenty of beauty and sights. For instance: Watch-Tower Ó-ház (606,5 m), Valley Király (Király-völgy), Commemoration Park (Emlékpark), Seven Springs (Hétforrás), etc. Among facilities around Kőszeg, the one worth mentioning is the vicinity of City Szombathely, the Health Resort at Bük, the golf course, the Cellar Row at Cák and the village of Velem.

In summer, the famous and popular plays and the well-known actors of Castle Theatre of Kőszeg and the international festivals attract visitors in the Castle. Vintage festival takes place every September. During the festival, the streets and squares of Kőszeg are roused by carneval, Miss Wine Queen competition, international brass and folklore festivals. On occasion of the February Carnival, the inhabitants of Kőszeg say goodbye to winter by procession and wine-taste.